Mario Kart Tour is a Hit

Mario Kart Tour brings sense of nostalgia to gamers across the globe.

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Mario Kart Tour brings sense of nostalgia to gamers across the globe.

Adam McCaffery, Sports Editor

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Mario Kart, a significant video game of many childhoods, recently came out on mobile platforms making many fans feel very nostalgic. The game is no let down, as the mechanics, graphics, and game play help continue the successful franchise.

Mechanics and graphics

One of the best parts about Mario Kart Tour is always the mechanics and graphics. The mechanics make the game easy and fun to play. For the first Mario Kart game not using a console, the Nintendo team did a solid job of switching to a mobile platform. The graphics provide great visuals for the player to enjoy, as each course is uniquely designed and made to keep it interesting for the players. 

Game Play

The game offers a unique take on Mario Kart, switching it up from how the game is traditionally played. The players can go through different courses to get stars and unlock other courses. Each course provides unique challenges and skills to learn and attempt. The game also offers rewards, and forces the player to unlock characters and karts rather than supplying them right away. Players are compared to others in ranking, and the higher a player is ranked, the better rewards he or she gets.

The best part about the game is how unique it is. Mario Kart fans weren’t sure what to expect, and it was definitely a surprise when the game steered away from its traditional formula. 


The game is fun to play right now, but expect the game to only get better with more updates. Head to head multiplayer is reportedly going to be added, which will allow people to play directly against their friends. This game helps add to Mario Kart’s case as one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, as each game is consistent and thorough, bringing in new fans.

“I think the game is great in that it reflects a lot of the old maps that were on the GameCube version,” senior Jake Laifer said. “The graphics are even better and it’s still fun to play. It also brings me back to when I first started playing video games.”

For players like Laifer, Mario Kart Tour is the perfect game to enjoy like a kid again.