Six Flags Fright Fest Gives Visitors a Spooky Time


photo via Wikimedia Commons under creative commons license

“Bizarro” roller coaster sign people see entering Six Flags in Jackson, NJ.

Will Shokoff, Staff writer

Although the spirit of Halloween has not reached Hillsborough High School yet, Six Flags Fright Fest is already in full gear, peaking at the right time. Six Flags draws people from everywhere for its great rides and records. However, at this time of year around Halloween, Six Flags changes their theme from just an ordinary theme park to match the holiday.

From Sept. 13 to Nov. 3, the park introduces the theme of Fright Fest. This theme has workers dress up in scary costumes to haunt the visitors of the park. They walk around, take pictures, scream, scare, and chase people, and make it exciting just to tour the park. These people are fully decked out with all kinds of different outfits, really impressive makeup, and look as if they are real. 

Not only are their frightening characters lingering the park, but the rides and attractions itself change. One of the most well-known parts of the park is the water fountain right when you walk in. This is popular because this is where so many people take pictures. During the fall, it becomes a blood themed fountain. There are all sorts of decorations around the park that are Halloween themed.

Fright Fest also includes new attractions, like scare mazes and haunted houses. The park is considerably more fun during Fright Fest than it is any other time, because you are always on your toes whether your on a roller coaster or being haunted. The raging views about how fun it is have been drawing students to the park from everywhere. 

“The people walking around go all out and are constantly scaring me,” Senior Sidd Solanki said, “I think it’s really cool how good the actors are. They never break character making it seem even more real.”

Overall, Fright Fest truly does add a lot more fun to the night than just the roller coasters. It is something I think everybody should go to at least once, because the atmosphere and experience is amazing.

Six Flags has gained the reputation of being the best amusement park in the United States because of all its popular rides. It is definitely a place worth going on a Saturday, and during Fright Fest is the best time to go.