Who’s Under the Mask?

Kate Shanahan, Staff Writer

Some may have noticed that football games this year has been different than in the past. While the team’s record is significantly better than in past years, the crowd has been fired up by more than just a winning streak. The recently reinstalled mascot for the Raiders has been hyping up the crowd this season. However, the big question is: who is under that mascot head?

Through determination and perseverance, the school mascot pulled many strings to get the gig. Starting with Principal Bingert herself, the mystery person had to convince many adults to bring back the mascot. The most recent mascot before this year was eight years ago, “I just knew I wanted to be it, so I pulled some strings and made it happen,” said our current mascot.

The energy at football games cannot be matched for this mascot. “It’s electrifying, to be honest,” the mascot said. From giving little kids fist bumps, to watching the high schoolers he/she knows from school get hyped up during the games, the mascot’s debut season has been incredible. 

Already thinking past football season, the Raider wants to continue supporting Hillsborough athletes as long as he/she can. From thinking beyond into next year and even college, to brainstorming different sports he/she can cheer for, the mascot is diving headfirst into the job. If the Raider is so proud of being the school mascot, why keep his/her identity a secret? 

The bitter years of high school are hard for anyone, let alone someone who is the new school mascot. Only a handful of people actually know who lies under the hot, stuffy costume the Raider wears for football games. Although the mysterious person under the mask would appreciate recognition for all he/she does to promote school spirit, the mascot is much happier remaining anonymous. 

 “I like having no fear of embarrassment and just having fun without worrying about people knowing who I am” the Raider said. Eliminating judgement allows the mascot to let loose and fire up the crowd as he/she pleases. “It is fun to have a secret, especially when I see the people who are shouting at me from the stands in school,” the mascot commented, “and they do not suspect me at all.” 

Whether the mascot is on the track during games, or walking the halls during school, the  mystery person hears many guesses about who he/she might be. “Some of the guesses from the stands have been right though,” the mystery person said.