HHS Makes Holiday Cards for Safe and Sound


Students stay after school to make holiday cards for Safe and Sound. Photo courtesy of Caryn Brogan.

Katie Buelt, Features Editor

As we approach the holidays and the seemingly never ending parties and gift exchanges, it is natural to become engrossed in our own needs and preparations. Some, however, take advantage of this festive time to perform charitable deeds for others.

This November, HHS student council got a head start when it came to embracing the holiday spirit. Students from all grades got together to make cards for the parents and children who are part of Safe and Sound. For 40 years, this organization seeks to help mothers and children who are victims of domestic violence by spreading awareness, fundraising and offering a 24 hour hotline for those in need.

In years prior, student council supported the foundation by funding an annual holiday party. Children could enjoy a night of food, presents, and crafts with their parents. This holiday season, for the first time in ten years, this tradition was discontinued, but it didn’t prevent student council from finding new, innovative ways to contribute to Safe and Sound.

The assembly of students, by the estimation of teacher adviser Caryn Brogan, created 75 cards, each of which will be paired with a gift card. Their hard work will be displayed in Safe and Sound’s holiday store, open from November 13 to 21, alongside clothes, household and personal care items, and other donations from across Somerset County. Students and teachers alike are hopeful that these cards will bring smiles to the faces of Safe and Sound; sophomore Alexis Mathew, when asked why she decided to take part in the activity, stated, “I wanted the chance to spend time with my friends while doing something good for other people. I had never heard of Safe and Sound before now, but I could tell the cause was really important.”

But this act of kindness doesn’t just provide those affected by domestic violence with the supplies they desperately need; these cards, and the store itself, allow mothers and children to build new, positive memories that revolve around the  holiday season.

“It is providing mothers and children of Somerset County a token of love this holiday season from the students at Hillsborough High School,” Brogan said.

Although the holidays will come and go, Safe and Sound is in need of help all year round. To learn more about volunteer opportunities or future events, go to https://www.safe-sound.org/.