Educational Services Professional of the Year is Katherine Yohn


courtesy of Katherine Yohn

Katherine Yohn after being named the Educational Services Professional of the Year.

Kate Shanahan, Staff Writer

Each year, HHS announces an Educational Services Professional of the Year Award for a select educator. The professional who typically earns this award is zealous, devoted, patient, and hard-working. The Educational Services Professional of the Year goes generally unnoticed by students at the high school, however, their work is vital for the success of many students.  This year’s Educational Services Professional of the Year Award was earned by Katherine Yohn. Yohn has been working at HHS for four years, going onto her fifth year November 2020. 

Yohn has been working one on one with a blind student for three years and has witnessed unimaginable results.

“We work on navigating around the building, accessing documents, etc,” Yohn said.

Yohn is with this student all day helping her through all her classes making sure she can access her work and complete her assignments on time. 

Through their time together, Yohn has had major success in helping her student grow.

“She currently can navigate the school by herself and she has become more confident in her ability to do things on her own,” Yohn said. Three years of hard work have taught this student to be much more independent and comfortable on her own. From enabling her student to be more confident in herself to helping her grow out of her shell, Yohn has much to be proud of for her accomplishments and responsibilities at HHS. 

Yohn enjoys her work very much because she loves the new challenges it brings her each day. Although her job is nowhere near easy, Yohn works hard to give her students her upmost attention to ensure great results. Yohn appreciates her job here at HHS because getting to see growth from her student each day is extremely rewarding. Yohn appreciates the award very much because it demonstrates how her hard work and dedication for four years has been noticed by others.