Hockey team stays hot on the ice


Ms. Forrest

Junior, Brock Forrest, sets up for a shot to score for his team.

Sean Levonaitis, staff writer

Even with the holiday break and new year here, the Hillsborough Hockey team is still the same magnificent team. Although they are playing on freezing cold ice, the team continues to stay on fire with their  fourth win in a row, outscoring their opponents twenty-four to twelve those four wins they acquired.

The Raiders started off a bit rocky, with just winning one game (and a tie) out of the first six games. The team was able to overcome the devastating losses by beating teams like Middletown South (4-2), Pope John (6-3), Middletown North (6-3) and Jackson Memorial (8-4).

Some of the players have been playing their absolute best by tallying up statistics for each category.  Players like Lleyton Soares, Jason Wolff and Brock Forrest have been paving the way for each and every victory. Seniors, Soares and Wolff both racked up major statistics the past couple games while junior Brock Forrest contributed as well.

Soares has had outstanding performances by recording six goals and five assists as Wolff had five goals and seven assists. It was not only seniors showing off their skills in these games. Forrest achieved five goals and four goals to follow in the footsteps of the senior leaders.

Wolff stopped to talk about the their success the past couple games. “To get on the winning streak, we really focused on fixing small details in the defensive zone to minimize the other team’s chances,” Wolff said. “That helped us to gain more offensive puck time, and with that came the scoring which we have been doing more of as well.”

The offensive unit was not the only side of the ice producing successful results during the games. Sophomore sensation and second year varsity goalie, Jason LoRicco, has had a total of 127 saves while only allowing 12 goals. That means he only allows 10% of shots on goal which is a fantastic statistic. To explain it better, that means for every ten shots on goal, only one goes in against this skillful, young and only improving one of a kind goalie.

Forrest talked about this years team compared to last year. “We have a 10x better motivation to win and prove people wrong, mainly that we can still win without our 112 point scorer, and we showed that with wins over #14, #15 ranked teams with confidence we can beat anyone in the conference if we continue this play,” Forrest said. “We can get back to the finals and win and we’ll prove it.”