Who is Lil Brow? Meet Josh Gershfeld

Josh Gershfeld poses in the cafeteria.

by Adam McCaffery

Josh Gershfeld poses in the cafeteria.

Adam McCaffery, Sports Editor

High School can be a confusing time for a lot of students. Some people don’t know where they will fit in. Others wait until college to find their passion. However, Josh Gershfeld, a senior at Hillsborough High School, has made the most out of his four years at Hillsborough High School. Ranging from an up-and-coming rapper to a multisport athlete, Gershfeld has done it all. 

Gershfeld, also known by his alter-ego “Lil Brow”, started rapping as a hobby until people encouraged him to make real songs. With hit songs like “Bacardi” and “Watch How I Flex”, Brow has received a lot of notoriety for his clever lyricism. 

Lil Brow always brings the heat to the ‘stu’,” producer Jake Laifer said. “I normally cook the beat while he works on his flow and lyrics. He’s always thinking of new styles and techniques.” 

Brow has been laying low since the release of the aforementioned singles, but don’t expect it to stay that way. According to someone within Brow’s inner circle, an album is expected sometime before the end of the school year.

“I have been a Lil Brow fan since the start of his career,” senior Morgan Krempasky said. “I’ve always been inspired by his passion about music and creativity. I hope Lil Brow remembers me when he becomes famous.”

Not only did Gershfeld pick up music quickly, but he also has a natural ability to pick up any sport easily. For most of his youth, he was a dominant force as a striker on the Hillsborough Thunder travel soccer team. In eighth grade, he joined the middle school wrestling team and was a tough matchup for opponents despite it being his first year. Gershfeld is also an avid competitor in the water as he can swim and water ski. If you find yourself playing pickup basketball in Hillsborough, chances are Gershfeld will be there. He constantly plays pickup with his friends and has received comparisons to some NBA greats. 

“I was able to tell that he was special right when I saw him,” Hillsborough shooting guard and leading scorer Allen Holmon said. “I instantly thought twice about stepping on the court with him. He was in my eyes the next Michael Jordan.”

While he has had success at all of these sports, he has achieved the most on the track. Gershfeld was .3 seconds off the school record in 55 meter hurdle relay as a junior, and will look to break the record as a senior.

Even as a star athlete and rapper, Gershfeld still finds a way to perform in the classroom. Gershfeld is bilingual, as he speaks fluent Russian and English with a hint of Spanish. As a sophomore, he was involved in the Johnson and Johnson Technology Awareness Program, in which students had to apply and be interviewed in a highly selective process. The program helped Gershfled discover his interest for computer programming, as he hopes to go into the profession one day. 

“Josh is a good kid who brings a unique energy to the classroom,” Spanish teacher Elena Maucere said. “Classmates of Josh certainly have quite the experience on a day to day basis with him around.” 

Gershfeld might be extremely diversified in his talents, but the one intangible Gershfeld brings to the table is a positive, lighthearted attitude that can brighten up someone’s day. In his four years of high school, Gershfeld has been able to make the most out of each day.

“What an extraordinary journey it’s been. Now onto greater things,” Gershfeld said when recapping his four years in high school. For those who do not know Gershfeld well, get used to hearing that name, as he is destined for greatness.