Uncut Gems Excites Viewers


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Adam Sandler stars in Uncut Gems.

Will Shokoff, Staff writer

Adam Sandler has made himself one of the most famous actors with his hilarious personality. Almost every role he plays in movies has viewers dying of laughter. However, with Uncut Gems, his role is a lot different than expected. Sandler does not have his typical comedy role. Instead, he plays Howard Ratner, a New York City jeweler and a big sports gambler.

The other main character in the movie is Kevin Garnett. With multiple rings, 15 All Star game appearances, an NBA finals MVP award, and an NBA defensive player of the year award, Garnett has put himself in the conversation of being one of the greatest power forwards in basketball of all time. 

It is really interesting to have two major celebrities in such different roles. Garnett, who plays himself, and Sandler playing a fictional character.

The movie begins with Ratner getting a very expensive rock with diamonds in it from Ethiopia. Ratner wants to sell the rock to make all his money that he lost because of sports gambling.

Kevin Garnett is competing in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals at the same time that Ratner receives his rock. The Boston Celtics are facing off against the Philadelphia 76ers. Garnett realizes, after holding the rock for one night, he played amazing. After Ratner took it back, his performance was horrible in the next game. Garnett knew he needed the rock to succeed, but Ratner refused to sell him the rock because he wants to get it for a very high price. 

The movie seems like it is all about sports, but a lot of it is not. It is very well directed as everything was leading up to the Celtics game, but so many other scenes happened making the movie even more interesting. I think all kinds of viewers would enjoy this movie.

With two huge dilemmas from each character, the film is able to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time. Ratner owes several people a ransom of money. Throughout the movie, he is constantly trying to find ways to get these guys their money as they continually come after him. He eventually works up a big bet that he places on the Boston Celtics. This is where Kevin Garnett comes into play. 

Ratner lets Garnett hold the rock with him for his game. Garnett ended up having one of the best games of his career, and Sandler placed all his money on it. However, after finding out the bet was cancelled by the thugs who want his money, Ratner is outraged. Since Garnett plays so well with the rock in his possession, he wants to buy it.

Ratner ends up agreeing to sell the rock for a price high enough to cover his gambling debts to Garnett. With that money, he then places another bet on the final game of the Celtics 76ers series instead of paying off his debts. At times in the movie, it makes you want to yell at Ratner, and help him because of the decisions he is making. On the other hand, it is also very exciting to see what keeps happening to him as a result of his actions. 

Sandler’s role in the movie is a very uptight and annoying character. Balancing out the men who want his money, buyers like Garnett at his store, his family, and other problems that keep piling on top of each other makes the movie constantly full of action. 

Uncut Gems is an intense movie that will keep every viewer on the edge of their seats. It has an outstanding plot, and at times it makes you feel as if you were Ratner with all your money on the line. As a viewer, my heart was racing throughout the whole movie. It is a must see for any movie fanatic.