Cali Indie Pop is Next Up in Music


by Nick Holt

Khai Dreams at his concert in Brooklyn, NY.

Nick Holt, Staff Writer

About seven or eight months ago, I started to search for new types and styles of music.  Something about the mainstream of rap and pop was just boring me and I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I used to.  I dipped my toes into the deep pool of music, trying various genres, taking suggestions from many of my friends who are into music and after careful consideration and listening, what really gauged my interest was this sort of California Indie pop style music.

It started with a smaller duo called Surfaces, one of my best friends is a huge fan and I adopted a similar taste after listening to their music.  Originating in Texas, Forrest Frank and Colin Padaleki created their Surfaces in 2017 and dropped their first album called “surf.”  You may have heard their most famous song “Sunday Best,” which received love from across the globe, with over 100 million plays on Spotify.  I think what sparked my “taste buds”  for their group was this summery, different sound that they produced.  Some of my favorites are probably “This View,” “Shine On Top,” and “24 / 7 / 365.”

Surfaces inspired me to do my own digging and try and discover a smaller artist of a similar genre with the name of Khai Dreams.

Khai Dreams is a teenage artist out of the Pacific Northwest.  Turning a dream into a reality, his songs “Sunkissed”, “Through and Through,” and “Lost in You,” have all received great feedback from more than just his small fan base.  But what really sold me on him was a song called “In Love.”  An extremely short record, clocking in at a minute and ten seconds, the song has an extremely memorable melody, with words that will leave a mark on your brain after a couple listens.  Certainly, Khai’s music is an acquired taste, but is really easy to fall down a rabbit hole of his music, along with other artists such as Atwood, mxmtoon, and other unique creators.

With the recent Covid-19 lockdown, I have been trying to listen to at least 1 hour a day of new music I’ve never listen to before in my life.  It helps my widen my music pallet while helping de-stress during these rough times.  Maybe you’ll fall in love with an artist like I did.