How to Stay Entertained During the Coronavirus


Kate Shanahan

Now is a great time to kick back with Netflix or other streaming services.

Kate Shanahan and Sean Levonaitis

During your newfound time at home, there are many ways you can pass the time while staying productive. From taking better care of yourself, to helping out around your house more, there are countless different options to stay entertained during the break. 

  1. Do School WorkAlthough schoolwork isn’t the most exciting way to spend your time, doing your homework can use up to four hours of your day. By doing schoolwork you will stay productive and stay up to date with your classes. You can use this break to excel in classes that you might struggle in otherwise. 
  2. Online ShoppingGoing online and browsing for new clothes, shoes, and anything else can be a great pastime during the coronavirus vacation. This can keep you occupied for hours since there are so many online stores to browse at!
  3. Make a Workout RoutineJust because you might be stuck at home all day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay active! YouTube has countless workout routines that don’t require equipment and thousands of videos that do incorporate weights, resistance bands, etc. that might be available to you. Use this break to take better care of yourself and try something new! If you are a spring season athlete or just an athlete in general and your season has been cancelled/postponed, staying in shape is extra important.
  4. Practice Self-CareThis pandemic can be a stressful time whether you were personally impacted by the effects of COVID-19 or if the situation is just causing some extra stress. Take the time to practice some meditation to clear your mind. If you are able, make a trip to the store and buy some facemasks to try at home with your family!
  5. Find a New HobbyOnce again, if you are able, make a trip to Michael’s or any arts and crafts store to pick out some supplies. You can try anything from painting, making beaded jewelry, tie dying an old t-shirt, making a collage out of pictures, or anything in between! 
  6. Read a BookReading is a fantastic way to keep the mind stimulated while being entertained. Pick out a book that you have always wanted to read, but never had the time to. For extra fun, see if there is a movie made from the book and compare the two when you finish!
  7. CleanCleaning is especially important with the recent health scare, but it’s also time for spring cleaning! Take a few garbage bags or boxes to your room and take the time to sort through everything. This extra time can also be an opportunity to rearrange your room altogether. Cleaning is a fantastic way to stay productive, active, and pass time during the break.
  8. Try a New TV SeriesWhether it’s on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or anywhere else, you can try out a new TV series or watch a movie that you’ve been waiting to see. Taking an hour or so a day to relax and let your mind rest can be quite beneficial to your overall stress levels. 
  9. Find New MusicSearch on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. for some new music to try out. Finding a new artist or genre of music that you like can be really rewarding! Take the time to put all your new favorite songs into a playlist to listen to while you clean, online shop, workout, meditate, read, or do schoolwork.