The Impact of Coronavirus on one HHS Senior, Devan Shah


Devan Shah

Senior Devan Shah takes a selfie in his new "classroom".

Adam McCaffery and Will Shokoff

Things were looking up for Devan Shah in the home stretch of his senior year. Golf was about to start, prom and spirit night were coming up, and he could close the final chapter of senior year with a cap, a gown, and a diploma in his hand. Unfortunately for Shah, the Corona-Virus might take away a lot of that. With almost everything currently shut down, it looks unlikely that any of the events that make senior year special might happen. As for most seniors, it has been tough for Shah to grip the reality facing him.

In terms of school, Shah has actually reaped the benefits of the online classes. With shorter school days, he can get the proper amount of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before classes start. With specific timestamps and due dates, he is more productive and does not procrastinate his work.

However, Shah admits that the one drawback of online classes is that they miss a personal touch. 

“As I find online learning is intriguing, not being able to interact with my friends and classmates on a daily basis is difficult,” Shah said. Having someone around to joke with and collaborate with is something that he misses.

Aside from school, the Corona Virus has also drastically impacted Shah’s social life. Shah had been golfing for a while and working hard at it in hopes of a strong senior season. With the team’s high potential, this could have been a special season. 

“I love golf and not being able to play my senior season is heartbreaking,” Shah said. “I was looking forward to meeting my new teammates and playing at our home course, Roycebrook, daily.” For Shah, this scenario for his final golf season was unimaginable.

As of now, spirit night, prom, and graduation are all still on. But with COVID-19, there is still a possibility of them all being cancelled. For Shah and most seniors, it would not be a fun way to go out.

“Emotionally, I would say I am bummed out a little with the thought of not being able to finish my high school golf career or partake in fun school events,” Shah said. “But I am hoping we are back in school soon.”

The future of the school year is unknown, but we have to take it day by day, as everyone is facing the same reality. For now, enjoy the extra sleep and shortened school day, but like Shah said, hopefully we will be back in school soon.