John Krasinski’s “Some Good News”

Kraskinky poses before his first new show.

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Kraskinky poses before his first new show.

Lexi Nielsen and Sean Levonaitis

These days all we hear on the news are updates on COVID-19 and stories about the toll this pandemic is having on the world. With all these negative stories going around, it is nice to hear some good news every once in a while to help you look on the bright side of things. After realizing that there is no news show dedicated to reporting only good news, actor John Krasinski decided to create his own show entitled “Some Good News”.

On his new show, Krasinski asks his Twitter followers to share good news stories with him that he can share on his series to show people that there are still good things happening in the world. So far, Krasinski has uploaded three episodes to his new series on YouTube. All of these episodes include stories about how medical workers have prevailed despite their circumstances, and how people are making the most out of their quarantine situations.

In every installment of his new series so far, Krasinski has utilized the Zoom app to call children and celebrities. In the first episode of “Some Good News”, he called a young girl named Coco who was recently welcomed home by a social distancing parade after her final chemotherapy treatment. By sharing this young girls story he was able to show his viewers that incredible things can still be celebrated.

To celebrate 15 years since the premiere of the hit show “The Office”, actor Steve Carell made an appearance on the show’s first episode to the delight of fans who missed the two actors quirky interactions on the show. Other celebrities including Krasinki’s wife actress Emily Blunt, and the entire original cast of Broadway’s hit show “Hamilton” gathered via zoom call to surprise a young girl named Aubrey.

In episode two of “Some Good News”, Krasinski called Aubrey to speak about how the “Hamilton” show she was supposed to see was cancelled. To young Aubrey’s surprise the entire cast of her favorite Broadway show joined the Zoom call to serenade her with the show’s opening number that she had been dying to see.

As more episodes come out, it is clear to see that Krasinski’s new show, “Some Good News”, is a lighthearted way to get news about the world’s events, find out how to spread joy to the people around you, and most importantly to keep your focus on the good things that are still happening in the world outside the pandemic.