Higher Anxiety Across the Nation Due to COVID-19

Doing yoga is a great way to exercise while enjoying nature.

photo via Wikimedia Commons under creative commons license

Doing yoga is a great way to exercise while enjoying nature.

Jardin Jacoby, News Editor

In the 21st century, mental health has become a prominent topic. It is defined as a person’s condition with regards to their psychological and emotional well being, and many professionals even regard it as equally as important as physical health. One of the most common forms of mental illness is anxiety, with over 40 million adults in the U.S. suffering from it every day. 

Many different things can trigger anxiety: health issues, negative thinking, financial concerns, stress, conflict, and personal triggers. These triggers are occurring due to the well-known illness, COVID-19 also known as the coronavirus.  The disease hits almost every cause of anxiety with the economic collapse that can be seen around the world, the threat of catching the virus, and the situation of isolation and social distancing. Anxiety can start to affect our personal lives, for example, celebrity Chrissy Teigen recently explained how her anxiety over COVID-19 was giving her insomnia (a condition that limits or does not allow sleep.)

A survey by the American Psychiatric Association shows that nearly half of the U.S. ‘s adult population reports having high levels of anxiety since COVID-19 started. Even in these difficult times, there are ways to cope and relieve anxiety in order to improve your mental health during social distancing.

  1. Stay informed but don’t obsess – Be informed about what is going on but do not sit and over analyze everything you read or watch on the news. 
  2. Stay connected – Try staying in contact with loved ones through social media, facetime, and zoom.
  3. Workout – Exercising has been shown to release endorphins and decrease anxiety. 
  4. Healthy food – Even though we are stuck inside and feel like eating everything in sight, try and consume healthy foods to maintain a well-balanced diet.
  5. Go outside – Social distancing does not restrict you from going outside. Try taking a walk and enjoying nature.