Fight Corona and Boredom by Getting in Shape

C25K is one of the featured apps. The purpose is to motivate new runners by setting realistic goals.

photo via Wikimedia Commons under creative commons license.

C25K is one of the featured apps. The purpose is to motivate new runners by setting realistic goals.

Ty Kang and Emily Chu

In times of quarantine, there are two types of people. Those who succumb to the couch potato lifestyle, and those who use this time to get in the best shape of their lives. (Disclaimer: either option is okay, as everyone is dealing with this pandemic in their own way!) However, if you do happen to fall into the second category, we’ve provided some great starting options for your workout transformation. 

Workout Apps

  1. C25K
    1. This app stands for Couch to 5K, and is a free eight-week program that gives users three workouts per week in preparation for any race or event. It was created to help motivate new runners through manageable expectations. 
  2. Blogilates
    1. Created by Cassey Ho, with this free app, all users get access to all of her videos, in addition to an online forum and monthly workout calendar. Ho is an award-winning fitness instructor, and created her business in 2009.
  3. Sworkit
    1. With Sworkit, users are able to choose what type of workout they want (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and amount of time user has. The app has a premium version ($4.99 per month), and allows users to customize number of reps and areas of the body user wants to focus on. 

Fitness Programs/Influencer Workouts

  1.   Chloe Ting
    1. Chloe Ting’s workouts are great for those looking for high-intensity workouts. She has her own website with free workout programs and different monthly challenges that everyone can follow from home. She also has a Youtube channel where she posts follow-along type, timed workouts that require no equipment. Check out her website for more:
  2. Kayla Istines
    1. Kalya Istines is a personal trainer and co-founder of the Bikini Body Guides (BBG) program. Her program is $19.99 for a monthly plan and $119.94 for a yearly plan. Her programs, ranging from 12 weeks to 92 weeks, includes a variety of at-home workouts with both high and low-intensity workouts. She also has meal plans and general lifestyle tips in an array of ebooks and a partner app called SWEAT.

Check out her website for more: 

  1.  POPSUGAR Fitness
    1. POPSUGAR is a popular media website and this is their fitness branch. They have a Youtube channel that has a variety of workouts with instructors and fitness experts. They have a lot of different playlists depending on the type of workouts you want such as Full Body, Beginners, or No Equipment Cardio. Their Class FitSugar videos are also unique in that they cover a lot of trendy workouts such as barre, Victoria’s Secret, Tabata, and more. In addition to their Youtube channel, they’ve launched their own app called Active by POPSUGAR which provides 500+ workouts for a monthly subscription.

Check out Active here: 

All of these programs and instructors are available to anyone and everyone. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the current pandemic. With a simple download, an unlimited range of exercises are exposed to each user, so get moving!