How Quarantine Has Affected Student’s Sleep

As the quarantine prolongs, sleep schedules are altered.

published via Wikimedia Commons

As the quarantine prolongs, sleep schedules are altered.

Adam McCaffery, Sports Editor

About two months ago, most students were getting less than the required amount of sleep before a long school day. Personally, I had barely gotten enough sleep to keep myself focused throughout the day and for sports. However, in quarantine, I’ve found that I have been getting enough sleep and am able to focus throughout all my classes unlike when real school was in session. 

A more flexible sleep schedule definitely has its benefits. If a student doesn’t get a good night’s sleep on a school day, they won’t have to worry about falling asleep in period one class for the most part. As long as there isn’t a video chat or an assessment, students can sleep until whenever they want as long as they get their work done by around 4:00. 

“It’s benefited me because I am able to sleep more often so when I am awake, I feel very awake,” senior Josh Quick said. 

In an assignment based online learning, productivity is important, and being able to get the right amount of sleep is key to that productivity. 

While many have found themselves getting the right amount of sleep, some students have seen a drastic change in when they go to sleep. Senior Tony Scanelli is the perfect example of this, as he now wakes up at around 11:00-1:00 on a school day, and won’t fall asleep until 4:00-5:00 in the morning sometimes. 

“Ultimately, it’s harmed me because I waste away the day by waking up early,” Scanelli said, “and I can’t physically fall asleep at a decent time at night.”

If the regular school schedule returned tomorrow, a lot of students would be in Scanelli’s boat because of how late they fall asleep. The days and work aren’t as intense, but an unintended consequence was shifting students’ internal clocks to late at night. 

Just like sleep, expect a ripple effect of other unintended consequences on students from the quarantine. But until it’s over, try not to let your sleep schedule get too out of hand.