Thoughts on the final season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”


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Poster for Season 7 of Star Wars the Clone Wars

Adam McCaffery, Sports Editor

On August 10, 2008, I went to the movie theater to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie. Being seven at the time, the movie was perfect for me. It had kid humor, silly jokes, and probably put my parents to sleep. After the movie, a TV series of The Clone Wars aired on cartoon network. 

The show ran six seasons, initially ending in 2014. The once fun, bright Clone Wars aged and matured as the seasons progressed. Almost fittingly, it became more dark and complex as the children it was intended for grew up. The show had heartbreaking moments, like the death of Fives, and Ahsoka leaving the Jedi order. It foreshadowed Anakin’s turn to the dark side but also made the fans love him even more. However, even though it was great, it stopped in 2016 after Cartoon Network stopped airing it. Even though you could watch other Star Wars movies to know what happened, the Clone Wars were incomplete. The characters who we loved growing up didn’t have to complete their stories. 

But then season seven was announced this time last year. With Star Wars switching to Disney, they decided to fund the final season. Even though Disney has ruined Star Wars in many ways, choosing to finish the show’s story arc was the best decision they have made. It gave me and my brothers something to look forward to in quarantine.

The two arcs of the story were mediocre. The Bad Batch reminded the fans of the Domino Squad, but failed to recreate the magic. The arc was solid, and seeing Echo get to find his place was satisfying, but it could have been more. However, the Martinez arc was terrible. The only good part about it was Ahsoka, but it ultimately could have been fit into one episode. 

What made the last season was the Siege of Mandalore arc. Sure, Shakespeare is great. But if you are a Star Wars fan and have watched all of the movies and were waiting for these last four episodes, the tragedy is truly unmatched.

In the first two episodes, Ahsoka is fighting side by side with the clone troopers. She defends Anakin’s name against Maul. Even though she was mistakenly banned from the Jedi order, she still has faith in the Republic and those she knows. 

The last two episodes gave us more perspective on one of the most heartbreaking betrayals. Of course, fans knew Order 66 was coming. The clones were programmed to betray the Jedi they fought side by side with. When only watching the movies, the clone army was generalized. There was no connection to them except they became storm troopers. But the Clone Wars showed us that the clones were individuals. Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Jesse, Echo, Waxer, 99, Heavy, and so on. Seeing them turn on Ahsoka, trying to kill her despite all they had been through, and seeing the tears in Rex’s eyes as he tried to fight it, gave so much more depth to the Star Wars universe. 

The final scene of Darth Vader, who was holding Ahsoka’s lightsaber, had so much symbolism it would make an English teacher cry. There was the owl of light, the Republic graveyard, the shot of Vader reflected in the helmet, the desolation of the planet and so on. As a fan of the Clone Wars, I couldn’t have asked for a better ending.

I know I just went full nerd for this show, but it was what I grew up with. I just turned 18 and am headed to college, so seeing it end made me realize that I’m really growing up. It was amazing to see the Star Wars community support this as well. So many people were in the same boat as me and it was an emotional ride. It is sad to see it go, but thanks to The Clone Wars for making my childhood special.