NCAA Football Video Games NEED to Come Back

Cover of NCAA Football 14. A game sorely missed by gamers.

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Cover of NCAA Football 14. A game sorely missed by gamers.

Sean Levonaitis and Nick Holt

July 9, 2013.  The date of the last NCAA Football video game release.  NCAA Football 14 is currently selling for $100-$150 on resell websites such as eBay, Mercari, and more.  Which raises the question- Why not make another game?

In 2014, Ed O’Bannon, a former UCLA basketball player and NBA Draft bust, sued the NCAA for using the former student-athlete’s likeness in the video game NCAA Basketball 09.  Various players also joined O’Bannon in his lawsuit such as Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, and a plethora of no name college football players.  After successfully winning the case, O’Bannon was granted around 40 million dollars from the NCAA, along with the halted production of all NCAA video games from there on out.

As a fan of college sports and the video game, it’s a question on who you should blame for the fall out, Ed O’Bannon, or the NCAA.  But either way, it’s ruined.

Recently, we got a bit closer with the Fair Pay to Play Act , that compensates college athletes when their likeness is used in outside advertisement, etc..  Though, video games were specifically left out.  Scraping the little bit of hope away from fans across the world.

Many kids grew up playing the NCAA football video games to have fun and keep themselves entertain. Some individuals even still go back to the games, regardless of the less advanced graphics and features, to enjoy the old game they once played when they were younger. Hillsborough high school graduate, Connor Leoni, still plays the latest version of the game a couple times each week.

“Everything about the game is amazing and it always keeps me entertained” Leoni said. ” I have played at least thirty seasons worth of the game and as each season starts up, I am more exited than the last one.”

Will the big hit video game ever bee cleared again to return to stores near you? We all hope so.