Field Hockey team gives back to the community


courtesy of Jen Dima

The Field Hockey girls have been collecting donations to create gift bags for local essential workers.

Heather Suraci, editor in chief

The Hillsborough Field Hockey team has been putting their best efforts to help out the community during the pandemic. As everyone is well aware of the challenges the pandemic has created, the girls have been determined to find ways they can help out the community during this tough time. 

The team has been able to give back not only to essential workers but also to younger students in Hillsborough. Over the past couple of weeks, the team has been collecting items to place into goodie bags to gift to essential workers at Morristown Medical Center. The rising seniors headed this project together. Each of them wrote out 30 thank you notes to attach to the gift bags. Additionally, they split up the donations and assembled the bags at home and each crafted 30 goody bags to go along with the notes. The bags included items such as lip balms, candies, lotions, and mini hand sanitizers. 

In efforts to help out younger Hillsborough students, the team has also created a volunteering program called “Homework Helpers,” which allows all of the girls who are a part of the Field Hockey program to volunteer their time to help to struggle younger students. With classes being online and not in person, some younger students are having trouble grasping upon vital school concepts. The program has been posted on various social media platforms that target mothers of young Hillsborough students; the mothers are instructed to email the coordinator and schedule meeting times with the Field Hockey girls. The girls have been able to help out a number of children through Google Meet calls to have online tutoring sessions. 

The girls have given back to the community in numerous ways and look to continue this. Online tutoring will continue through the summer for kids still looking to develop basic curriculum norms.