New Wave of Peer Mentors Hit the Scene at HHS

Sophomores look forward to Peer Mentoring, an important tradition at HHS.

Sophomores look forward to Peer Mentoring, an important tradition at HHS.

Nick Holt, Staff Writer

In the midst of remote learning, a new class of Sophomore students was recently informed if they were selected for Peer Mentoring.

A very selective and prestigious group, only 35 students are chosen to become a Peer Mentor, with only 10 more designated as Alternates.  In this year’s campaign, over 200 students put their hat in the ring for a chance to be selected.

It was emphasized by the Peer Mentor Advisors that although most students were not selected, there are many other ways that they can still make a lasting impact at Hillsborough High School through different clubs, organizations, teams, etc.

Nina Patel, Sophomore Class President, was one of the lucky 35 to be selected as a Peer Mentor and expressed great joy when she got the news.

“I’m so excited to be a peer mentor,” Patel exclaimed, “I think it’s really important to help incoming freshman at Hillsborough High School.”

Being a Peer Mentor and even an Alternate is a great honor and a great way to help students who may not have someone to look up to, or a brother or sister at school to set the ground work for them.  It’s also a great look for students looking to get into universities.

Sophomore Sam Becker was selected to be an Alternate for Peer Mentoring and expressed his thoughts on the announcement.

“Even though I’m an alternate, I’m still honored to be considered and put in the Top 45 of students in the class.  Peer Mentoring is a great way for the freshman to be welcomed into High School.”

These students will be a great addition to the group of returning Peer Mentors for the upcoming school year and a great help to the freshman class, leaving a lasting impact and giving students a role model for years to come.