Steve Carell’s Netflix Series “Space Force” Flops


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Steve Carrell and “Space Force” leaves viewers unfulfilled.

Nick Holt, Staff Writer

Premiering on May 29, 2020, Netflix series, Space Force joined the scene of competitors of new shows.  Produced and Made by The Office‘s Greg Daniels and Steve Carell, the show had high expectations to be similar to their former hit show.

The show is centered around the United States Space Force, a new branch, led by Mark Naird (Steve Carell).  The show follows Naird’s daily issues and relationships that build up to the Space Force’s trip to the moon.  The Space Force’s team contains of a variety of inexperienced, less than intelligent astronauts, creating a “comedic” story line, while also being semi-serious at the same time.

The 10 episode season was less than average. Giving a show more than a few episodes to get better is fair, especially with an actor like Steve Carell headlining, which I did, and the show never got better.  I was waiting for it to spike and bring countless laughs like The Office gave fans across the globe, but Space Force just didn’t do that.  It’s hard to compete with shows like Outer Banks which left viewers on the edge of their seats with every episode.

There were various plot holes such as the sitution with Mark Naird’s wife, Maggie, who is placed into jail for a reason that is never specified.  Maybe it’s a path for a second season, but either way I will not be tuning in.

One of the very few positives of the show was the acting performance of Ben Schwartz, portraying Carell’s PR person.  He was one of the better, funnier actors of the show, after being let down by most of the actors and actresses, with barely any air time for well-known actress Jane Lynch, who I felt deserved a larger role in the series.

Quarantine offers a lot of free time, but this show is not worth your time.  Steve Carell disappoints in this showing, not reaching his potential as an actor and producer at all in Space Force.  I would give Space Force a 2/10 rating.  Sorry Steve Carell.