Jersey Shores Begin to Open Up


by Michael Shokoff

People enjoying the hot summer day in Long Beach Island.

Will Shokoff, Staff writer

During the summer one of the most popular places people visit is the Jersey shore. People from all over the world come to New Jersey for vacation to go to places like Point Pleasant, Long Beach Island, Wildwood, Seaside Heights, and Atlantic City. Due to the Corona Virus, the majority of the beaches have been shut down, along with all the businesses. However, a lot of them are beginning to open. 

The beaches were recently all opened and people are taking full advantage of this. Even though the Corona Virus is still very dangerous, it is slowing down and residents from everywhere are flooding to the beaches to enjoy the hot summer days. Not only are the beaches beginning to open down the shore, but restaurants and other businesses are opening soon. Many restaurants are offering outdoor seating to maintain social distancing. This is a great opportunity for people to go out to eat with friends and family.

“I have been to Long Beach Island multiple times this year,” New Jersey resident Alex Cole said. “I have been able to enjoy the luxury of getting takeout from my favorite restaurants on the island, Chicken or the Egg and Howard’s.”

At the same time, customers will be safe and cognizant of the virus. For the restaurants that are not doing this, takeout remains an option. With all the people coming down to vacation, these food businesses are still finding ways to stay open. 

Two of the most enjoyable experiences when at the shore include playing mini golf and walking around on the boardwalk. For a long time, both of these activities were shut down. However, at almost every Jersey shore the mini golf courses are all now open. Players are required to wear masks, but can still play the game. The boardwalks in Seaside Heights and Wildwood were recently opened with the same conditions as well.

Although the Corona Virus has not gone away yet, the Jersey shores are trying to become as normal as they were. Everybody is still biking around and enjoying activities that they do every summer at the beach. This time around to be safe,  people are continuing to wear their mask making it safe to still vacation here.