PS5 Emerging As Top Gaming Console

PS5 changes its color scheme to black and white.

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PS5 changes its color scheme to black and white.

Will Shokoff, Staff writer

Video game lovers are always looking for new consoles and games to make their play more exciting. The Playstation and Xbox have been the two most popular gaming consoles for over a decade now, and are always finding ways to up one another. SONY just came out and announced they were releasing the next version of their hit gaming system, the PS5. With the Corona Virus keeping many kids inside, video games have been getting very popular. It has become one the best activities because players can still talk with their friends and play, while being inside their own houses and not spreading the virus. The release date for the PS5 is expected to come out before the end of 2020. The consoles are constantly coming out with ways to improve themselves which makes players want to buy the new version. 

The PS5 is offering many things that the PS4 and Xbox 1 were not offering. To start off, there is not a need to go out and buy discs anymore. Players do not have to worry about breaking and scratching their game disc anymore. All games will be available to be bought and downloaded in an online store. Players can now buy everything from their couches.

“I love that the PS5 is allowing people to buy games from their home,” senior Josh Quick said. “I hated having to drive to gamestop to buy my games or waiting for them to come in the mail.” 

The PS5 also has a completely new look to it. The box is a new shape, the controllers are being changed to be more trigger friendly. The color scheme is changing from just black to black and white. The controllers themselves will also have a built in mic and be fitted so they are more comfortable for players hands when they are playing. 

The PS5 is upgrading almost all of its features. Something that is completely new is a voice assistant. This feature will act like Siri, and will allow the player to talk out loud and the device will listen to them. The memory and storage for players is being changed too. This will allow players to have more games on their device to choose from and play. In addition, the HD and viewing as well is being updated so that it is even more clearer and better in graphics. 

The PS5 is a console that is going to make players gaming experience that much better.