Best Restaurants to go to in Long Beach Island


by Chris Shokoff

Chicken or the Egg offers large and juicy Buffalo Wings.

Will Shokoff, Staff writer

For Hillsborough residents, one of the most popular places to vacation is Long Beach Island. It is located about less than 2 hours from Central Jersey, and is considered to be one of the nicest, cleanest and safest of all the Jersey shore vacation spots. It holds a small population during the year of only about 10,000 residents, but during the summer reaches a population of over 150,000. The island is 18 miles long, but is filled with energy. It has things to do, great beaches, a warm atmosphere, and many good restaurants. I have been vacationing to Long Beach Island every summer since the beginning of my life, and it excites me to come down every year. 

Long Beach Island does not only offer great restaurants for dinner. It is home to many good places for breakfast and lunch as well. Two of the most famous places to get bagels and donuts in the mornings are the Bagel Shack and Marvels, both located in Beach Haven. The Bagel Shack has cheap bagels for only a dollar, a very wide variety to choose from, and are always hot and soft. It usually has a long line because of its great reviews, but service is always extremely quick. It is even ranked as one of top bagel places in New Jersey. Marvels is known as one of the best donut places on the island too. Its donuts are always ready to go, and very tasty.

“My family always goes to Marvels when we go to Long Beach Island,” senior AJ Strawderman said. “Our favorite is the Cinnamon Sugar.”

The Island’s restaurants that it’s most known for happen to be the ones for dinner. There are a variety of places to choose from when going out to eat. There are fancy restaurants, seafood restaurants, cheap and expensive ones, more casual, and really any type. However, I believe three best restaurants on the island are Chicken or the Egg, Howards, and Barry’s Do Me a Flavor. 

Chicken of the Egg is the most popular restaurant on the island by a long shot. Almost every person that comes to Long Beach Island comes to this restaurant. No matter what time of day it is, there is a line out the door. Man vs Food even went to this place to attempt a wing eating challenge. The best food at Chicken or the Egg is the wings. From what I have had, which is wings from almost every restaurant I have been to, this place ranks 2nd behind the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, (where wings were invented). The Chicken or the Egg offers basically anything you can think of, making it applicable to all customers. 

Howard’s is a fancy seafood place. Although it is expensive, it is worth going to every once in a while. It is very formal, but the food is amazing. My favorite parts of it are the unlimited amount of rolls you get, and the lobster bisque. 

Barry’s Do Me A Flavor is a small little restaurant on the island that is most known for its takeout. It offers all kinds of food from Italian to seafood. It has very good sandwiches and is definitely a place to go on a night in Long Beach Island. 

Besides the ones above, Long Beach Island is filled with great restaurants. Some other places I would recommend would be the Chowder Hut, California Grill, and Stefano’s.