F is for the Family Releases Season 4

F is for the Family cast, starring Frank Murphy.

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F is for the Family cast, starring Frank Murphy.

Will Shokoff, Staff writer

Netflix premiers a lot of its own shows. All these shows are not accessible to be watched on regular tv, so only people who have and use Netflix know about these shows. F is for the Family is one of these shows, and is a comedy that you most likely have not heard of. I watched the first 3 seasons because of my brother and we found it hilarious. The show is about one bizarre family starring the father, Frank Murphy. It is all cartoon characters, and he is voiced by comedian Bill Burr. Frank Murphy cares for his family and works hard. However, he has 3 kids who are all very different. 

His character himself is arguably the most funny character on the show. He constantly yells and fights with his wife, oldest son, and really anybody that angers him. He works for an airplane company and is always having problems there. 

The oldest son is named Kevin. He is your typical high school dropout. He hates doing school, and just wants to play guitar. He does not have a job, and even moved out of the house into the garage. The middle son is Bill. Bill is the second main character in the show. He is a quiet and good kid. He strives to be like his father, and to be able to provide for his family. He listens to his father and is the best child of the three. The last kid is the youngest girl, Maureen. She is more of a devious youngest sister to Bill and is always causing trouble. The wife, Sue, cares for the kids and is always looking for employment. The family is always having issues with each other, but the writer Bill Burr makes it all into a comical way. 

The show has a bunch of drama, and that is what season 4 is going to attain. The Murphy family recently had a baby, and that was how season 3 ended. Philip, Bill’s best friend, has serious issues with his mother that will need to be revolved. The neighbors, which Frank argued with a lot, are questionable to return, and really what is going to happen with Kevin’s and Bill’s futures as they get older. The show is a very funny sit down series that is worth watching. The season 4 release date is June 12th, 2020.