New iOS 14 Update

Apples iOS 14 arrived on phones earlier this month.

photo via Wikimedia Commons under creative commons license

Apple’s iOS 14 arrived on phones earlier this month.

Kate Shanahan, Sports editor/Op Ed editor

On Sept. 16, Apple released a new software named iOS 14 which was initially introduced in June 2020. The newest operating system comes with several new features and gives the iPhone a completely new look. Users will be able to make their devices more personalized than ever before through the update.

The most notable unique feature of the iOS 14 update is the redesigned “widgets” for the home screen. Widgets have been redesigned to be more aesthetically pleasing and data rich. The update also allows for widgets to come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. 

Users can now customize their home screens by dragging widgets around and reorganizing applications. Widgets are used to display information from Apple and third party apps providing more functionality throughout the day. Information from applications such as Weather, Maps, Calendar, Music, Stocks, Notes, and more appear seamlessly on the home screen. 

The App Library at the end of the home screen is another big change for Apple products. Now, apps are automatically organized into categories including Social, Productivity, Utility, Entertainment, etc. Pages in the home screen can be hidden making it easier to access the App Library, where all apps can be found regardless of their location in the home screen.

A highly requested feature was to change the way incoming calls are shown on screen. Instead of taking over the entire screen, incoming calls now appear as banners over the top of the screen. The same feature applies for FaceTime calls as well. Siri is also compacted to the bottom of the screen and no longer takes up the entirety of the display. 

In messages, up to nine conversations can be pinned to the top of the conversation list allowing for easier accessibility. In group texts, you can directly message a person by typing their name and reply to specific messages to easily keep track of the thread. 

Most of the Apple apps have a new look and design, making them more aesthetically pleasing than ever. For some, the iOS 14 update may take some adjusting, but most tech savvy teenagers already mastered their way around the new update.