After 6 Years of Silence, Delta Spirit has Returned


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Released on September 11, “What is There” is Delta Spirit’s first album in six years.

Caitlyn Kowalski, Features Editor

Since the six year silence of music release, the alternative rock group Delta Spirit has returned with the album What Is There debuting for New West Records. Remaining in the dark since the release of the 2014 album Into the Wide with hit “From Now On”, the band told a riveting story with this new album released just days ago with mixing being done by studio veteran Tchad Blake, known for his award-winning work for Sheryl Crow and The Black Keys.

“A decade-plus spent in close proximity can take a toll on any relationship, especially if it’s in the creative sphere,” frontman Matthew Logan Vasquez said in an interview with Billboard. After the much needed time apart Vasquez has replaced his resentments with deeper love and understanding for his bandmates which allowed for the creative flow of this album.

The album includes the dark, edgy “How Bout It,” a violent ballad about gambling addiction. Written on GarageBand by Vasquez, this song also includes a soul-stirring video documenting 30 different locations and how isolated Americans were during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vasquez’s striking vocals surrounded by a concentration of piano and electric guitar leaves you with a 50-minute emotional rollercoaster that allows you to sympathize with the band members and the hardships they expressed in this album. The slower-paced, alternative style “Making Sense” begins to tell a tale of belonging before you’re suddenly struck with an electrifying guitar solo that sends mere chills up your spine. Ending with the acoustic tear-jerker “What Is There,” Vasquez talks about destiny and although not everyone has to follow it, many wonder what their destiny may lead them to.

What is There is a powerful album with variety, skilled story-telling, and captivating instrumentals that truly allows you to open your mind when listening. After spending six years behind the scenes, this already Billboard rising album is definitely one of the most impressive Delta Spirit has ever released.