Grand Opening of Iron Peak Sports & Events

New basketball and volleyball court at Iron Peak

courtesy of Iron Peak

New basketball and volleyball court at Iron Peak

Ava Curtis, Staff Writer

In Hillsborough, the new sports center, Iron Peak Sports & Events, formally known as Apex, will soon be opened to the public. While the outside fields have been in use, the inside of the building is set to fully open.

The new establishment has been the talk of the town ever since the beginning of construction, and the public is ready for the grand opening. It is located on Mountain View Road and has over 150,000 square feet of space to accommodate private and public use. The new facility is run by local business owners who are involved with Pinnacle, a fitness center, who stand by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The complex has three brand new turf fields outside, a dome with an inside turf, and four brand new basketball courts that can be transformed into eight volleyball courts. The venue will soon start holding clinics and camps for youth training, as well as future youth and adult leagues, tournaments, and events.

This new center will have entertainment such as an arcade, ninja course, and rock climbing. The ninja course is a state of the art training program and available for anyone to use during open gym hours for a small fee. Right above the ninja course is an adventure course, called the Aerial Ropes, where members can challenge themselves to get through the circuit in mid-air all while remaining safe with an auto-belaying system. There are also multiple types of rock climbing available to all members who just need to go through the short safety class before they start.

The building will offer birthday parties for kids and conference rooms for corporate meetings to book for reservation. The second floor also includes a separate space with an overlook of the main area that allows parents to watch their kids play while enjoying their own space. There is a downstairs café and concession stand available during open hours.

This large facility will create more jobs for all ages including high school students. While they are still completing the finishing touches on the inside, it is clear that the venue will be a major attraction for not only athletes and sports teams but also the general public.