Fall Sports Shutdown Amidst Positive Tests for COVID-19


by Shivant Krishnan

Boys Soccer at their first game following the initial shutdown of fall sports.

Lexi Nielsen, Reviews Editor

This fall, students at HHS were unsure whether or not Fall sports would happen because of COVID-19 restrictions. Thankfully, they were able to start up during early September as they usually would.

Unfortunately, right as fall sports began, boys soccer and cross country were forced to shut down for a while due to athletes being exposed to, and testing positive for the Coronavirus.

The initial shutdown for both boys soccer and cross country was supposed to be for two weeks, but luckily after contact tracing and cleaning of all equipment, soccer was able to return after five days and cross country after only a week and a half. Once the athletes who had tested positive, or been exposed to the virus were healthy, they were allowed to return to practice as well.

While members of both the boys soccer and cross country team were disappointed they were not allowed to practice together, not all was lost as their coaches kept them up to speed with workouts at home. When cross country can not be together, they are still required to run individually instead of meeting and running as a group like they normally would.

After being together only for a week of tryouts, members of both teams were frustrated that their time was cut short when they should have started practices already. Despite missing out on team bonding, both teams exercised their patience so they could get back on the field as soon as possible.

“It was a bit disappointing when I heard cross country was shutting down, especially because the group setting is very motivating to run in,” senior Delaney Smith said. “But, I think this entire quarantine has taught us all patience and to expect the unexpected.”

If shutting down sports has done anything positive for these teams, it is that it has made them ten times more motivated to have the best seasons they can.