Senior Ben Kidd is Not Your Typical BOE Candidate


by Michele Kidd

Senior Benjamin Kidd puts up one of his many signs outside of Sunnymead Elementary School, where he started his Hillsborough Education.

Nick Holt, Editor-in-Chief

Not only is the Presidential Election coming up, but the new board of education election is coming upon us. However, something is a bit different about this one.

A student at Hillsborough High School has decided to throw his own hat into the ring, going up against fellow citizens that are much older than he is. Senior Ben Kidd is trying to change the conformity.

“I am hoping to bring the viewpoint of a student who has been directly impacted by the decisions of the current and past boards,” Kidd said. “I hope that this viewpoint will allow the other members of the school board to consider how their decisions affect everyone in the school district.”

Kidd could bring a whole new dynamic into the Board of Education by adding diversity across the board, bringing a different mindset, not only representing his fellow citizens, but peers and students as well.

If any question holds up about experience or age, this is not Kidd’s first rodeo.

“I was appointed to the vacant seat of Democratic Committeeman for District 12 here in Hillsborough,” Kidd said. “This means I represent my neighbors in votes to the local, county and state Democratic Committee. I have volunteered for the last three years on local campaigns.”

Kidd is inspired by his past disagreement with the Board’s decisions and wants to make a difference, having seen the “direct impact” on his beloved hometown.

Kidd has called Hillsborough home since he was two years old, attending school here from his early days at Sunnymead Elementary School, ARIS, HMS, and finally the High School, where he is currently taking his senior year.

Kidd is not your average BOE candidate, but is that so bad? The answer is no. With a new perspective and point of view, the Board of Education can only go up with Ben Kidd.