Boys Soccer Team Starts Off the Season Hot

The team celebrates after the Sonbol twins connect for the 6th goal of the game against Philipsburg.

Courtesy of Shivant Krishnan

The team celebrates after the Sonbol twins connect for the 6th goal of the game against Philipsburg.

Sean Levonaitis and Lexi Nielsen

The Hillsborough boys soccer team started where they left off in the regular season. The wins continued to come after their fantastic season last year. On Oct. 9, the roaring Raiders opened up the season with a 6-0 win over the Philipsburg State-liners at HHS. Key players who contributed to this win include juniors Junior Medellin, Jalen Moni and Jack Burd along with seniors Adam Sonbol, Deen Sonbol, Dimitri Ramirez, and Dan Guerrero Nieto continued to impress on the field with a victory over the State-Liners.

The first goal came from Moni which was recorded midway through the first quarter to put the Raiders on top. Not only did Moni score the first goal, he added another one early in the second half to make the score 3-0. The other three goals came from Medellin, who has been a soccer stud ever since middle school, and then an outstanding team effort with a header goal off a corner kick. To seal the deal, the twin-nection of Adam Sonbol and Deen Sonbol scored the final goal of the game to finalize the win for the Raiders on their season home opener.

One of the twins gave their feelings about their first win of his senior season.

“It was an overall great team win with both sides of the ball doing their part and really dominating the game,” Adam Sonbol said. “I am looking forward to playing with these guys the rest of the season and can not wait to make more memories with them all.”

The schedule does not get easier as their next two games are against above-average teams: Bridgewater-Raritan and Montgomery  high school. The boys continue their season to play a home town rival, the Bridgewater-Raritan Panthers, on Oct. 11, at Noonan A Stadium, Home of the Raiders.

“We are really coming together as a whole during games,” Puma said. “I can not wait to see where these individuals will take this team this year. Something special about this team.”