Nolan’s Highest Budget Movie Disappoints Viewers


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“Tenet” was released on Sept. 3.

Caitlyn Kowalski, Features Editor

Released in theatres on Sept. 3, Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet does not live up to the hype it received before its release. With a $205 million budget, the highest that Nolan has ever had, this film is unable to live up to its expectations.

Attempting to alter the fabric of reality, Nolan takes two of the same story lines, moving in opposite directions, and attempts to intertwine them to make one plot, leaving prominent holes in this story.

Many critics have negative remarks, with Alex Godfrey of Empire, deeming the film “bonkers” and Forbes magazine calling Tenet a “disappointing step backward” for Nolan. It is safe to say critics are not a fan of this film.

“Trying to understand the story can make you feel like you’re sitting on a stool in a dunce cap,” Johnny Oleksinsk of The New York Post said.

Additionally, the main character of named “The Protagonist”, has no backstory or character development throughout the film. Almost every character is one dimensional except for one character named Kat who is utterly irrelevant to the plot. Nolan only explains the backstory of this one character and leaves the viewers even more confused and feeling as though they had missed something.

Although this film contains a confusing plot,  Tenet does have some positive attributes. With such a high budget, Nolan is able to create vivid action scenes. Even though they are pointless to the plot and hard to understand, they are well executed.

Overall, this 3-hour headache is certainly not Nolan’s best work compared to some of his other popular blockbusters such as “The Dark Knight” or “Interstellar” which both had significantly lower budgets than Tenet.

With a confusing plot and minimal character development, Tenet is definitely not worth spending your money to go see in the theaters.