Is Lebron the GOAT?


Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

The “greatest of all time” discussion heats up after Lebron James wins another championship.

Evan Suraci, Sports Editor

On Oct. 11, the crazy NBA season finally came to a close after months of players and fans sitting around waiting to see if the NBA was going to continue. The season came to a close with the Los Angeles Lakers defeating the Miami Heat 106-93 to become NBA champions. Key players on the Lakers, throughout the finals showdown, were Anthony Davis and who else, but Lebron James. As of last Sunday, James just claimed his fourth NBA title and fourth finals MVP. Not to mention, he became the first player ever to win an NBA finals with three different teams. When Lebron and the Lakers won on Sunday it sparked the constant debate: is Lebron the GOAT or is Michael Jordan?

James has always had a chip on his shoulder. Coming into the league straight out of high school, James has always been doubted by critics about how he would not make a big impact and that no person to go straight to the NBA out of high school has had a legendary career like everyone is saying he would have. Finishing year 17, he has once again proved the critics and haters wrong. James is starting to show similar, and in some cases better stats than Jordan after this year.

While Jordan has had better times in the NBA finals, what James has shown is his consistency in making the playoffs and being able to reach the finals 10/14 appearances, while Jordan made the finals in 6/13 appearances. Despite Jordan having gone six for six in the finals and James being four for ten, James has not shown any signs of declining, even in year seventeen. James tapped into his prime in 2010 and is still in his prime in 2020. While this is all nothing short of greatness, Jordan leads James in many statistics including MVPs, championships,etc, but James keeps closing the gap every year.  

Time will tell to determine who the undisputed GOAT is in Basketball. However as of 2020, Jordan still remains the best player of all time because, at the moment, no one has achieved his greatness and accolades. However, James has shown this year, after winning the 2020 NBA Finals, he will have the best career by an NBA player ever and by the looks of him not slowing down for the next few years, James will be the GOAT when his career is all said and done.