Raiders Back in School


by Kate Shanahan

Junior Bob Naples navigating the new traffic patterns of the HHS hallwys.

Kate Shanahan, Sports & Op Ed Editor

Raiders are officially back in school after the first weeks of hybrid learning has commenced. Although being back in school has been refreshing for most, for some it has proven stressful due to uncharted waters and uncertainty around what’s appropriate for school such as walking in the hallways with a friend

Hallways that were once crowded with smiling faces and friends walking from class to class are now replaced with masked smiles and quiet students. Students can no longer crowd the commons before and after school or in between classes to chat with friends about their daily endeavors. The once loud and lively center of HHS has been abandoned and deserted.

Classrooms also radiate a ghost town vibe as there are just about ten students in each classroom. Raiders are separated and spread out throughout the classroom isolating students from each other. Teachers who once roamed around the classroom lecturing or assisting students are stationary at their desks or whiteboards.

The Raider spirit has not been dimmed, however. Teachers are outside their classrooms ready to greet and assist any lost or confused students. Blue arrows line the hallways eliminating any confusion about which direction students can travel. Additionally, signs indicate which stairwells are to be traveled in the upward or downward direction. 

On the bright side, for seniors and some juniors, parking at the high school is free for the first semester and just about everyone is guaranteed a spot. With about half the amount of seniors and juniors at school for each cohort, parking is no longer stressful or complicated. The infamous parking pass lottery has proved useless for the first semester making transportation plans simpler for students.

Although some positive cases have presented themselves throughout the district including Auten Road Intermediate School, Hillsborough Middle School, and Hillsborough High School, students are still participating in hybrid learning. However, if a student has come in contact with an infected patient, they will be contacted through contact tracing to eliminate the spread of the virus.