Benefits of Completing College Apps Early


by Heather Suarci

High School Seniors will have time to let loose and relieve tensions once college applications are completed.

Heather Suraci, editor in chief

As this year’s senior class heads their way into the application process, tensions and nerves are especially high. With COVID-19 affecting significant application needs such as extracurricular and of course SAT and ACT testing, seniors this year have an added layer to the already stressful time of application completion.

Because of testing being canceled earlier in the spring, many students have struggled to secure testing locations to hopefully achieve a score they are satisfied with. With this in mind, a significant amount of colleges have opted to go test-optional to accommodate this hardship. This may come as a relief to some students as those who are not optimal test takers are able to be relieved of this component of applications. On the other hand, those who have already taken the SAT and ACT prior to the COVID-19 craze are set and ready with scores to submit. Whichever situation you are in, it is important to buckle down and complete the application process as soon as possible.

Every year, seniors often drag out their applications and push them off to the last minute; this causes pressure and may lead to mistakes in the application process. Much of this unnecessary pressure can be avoided by simply completing applications as early as possible. Often times, if one procrastinates their applications they will make a mistake which may cost them even more time and strain. Finishing application components such as essays and supplemental essays early on will allow for time to review and edit as necessary. In addition to this, one will have more time to review all steps necessary to complete for their schools; some require potential students to create accounts for their school-specific status portal.

Another benefit of getting ahead on applications is ensuring documents such as transcripts and recommendations are submitted on time. Students often neglect to contact their counselors and make sure their transcripts and letters of recommendation are requested and ready to be submitted to their schools.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of completing college applications early is relieving one’s self from stress and finally being able to enjoy senior year. Senior year should be the final “victory lap” so to speak of high school; there’s less strain on the pressure of grades and responsibility as the last few years of high school have all been leading up to this final year. Obviously, you should still keep up with your grades, but now you have the freedom and can relieve yourself from the strain of preparing for college as you can get applications out of the way. Perhaps you can focus on trying a new hobby, getting a part-time job, and spending time with your friends as well as making new ones.