Football Team Breaks Losing Streak, Tops North Hunterdon


by Kate Shanahan

Junior Will Dixon waits for next play to begin.

Kate Shanahan, Sports/Op Ed Editor

After two tough losses, the Raiders rallied and defeated North Hunterdon on Friday, Oct. 23, by a lopsided 44-15 margin. After traveling to North Hunderdon’s home turf, the Raiders fought through and earned a well-deserved victory for their fourth win of the season.

Offensively, the players were able to work together seamlessly to rack up 15 first quarter points. In the second quarter, the Raiders scored 22 points followed by an additional seven points in the third quarter. Junior Jay Mazuera had a stellar performance totaling four touchdowns and 208 passing yards in just 11 attempts and seven completions.

Senior Sean Levoniatis gave an outstanding performance against North Hunterdon rushing for a total of 158 yards on 20 attempts. Levoniatis also assisted the Raiders in scoring two touchdowns in the first half of the game.

Seniors Troy Kennedy and Aidan Lugo padded their stats both offensively and defensively. Kennedy caught a 22-yards completion and had five tackles throughout the game. Lugo received 33 yards in just one attempt and gained two tackles for his stats. Senior Ethan Mayes was able to receive a whopping 55 yards in only one attempt scoring a touchdown. He also tallied four tackles.

The trio of juniors Thomas Amanakwaa, Will Dixon, and Tyler Michinard gave their all during this game proving themselves once again on the field. Amanakwaa rushed for 15 yards in one attempt and tallied 70 receiving yards with a touchdown in the process. Dixon was on the receiving end of a 28-yard scoring strike and had two tackles during the game. Michinard totaled three tackles.

Senior Jordan Nussbaum gave a show-stopping performance defensively and led the Raiders in tackles. Nussbaum finished the contest with six tackles.

This match against North Hunterdon was just the comeback the Raiders needed as they head into next week’s challenge: the Hunterdon Central Red Devils. As the Raiders keep working hard day in and day out, the remainder of the season is promising and guaranteed to be full of excitement.