Pittsburgh Steelers Remain the Lone Undefeated Team in the NFL


Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

The Steelers just might have their best team since the 70s.

Caitlyn Kowalski, Features Editor

After the 28-24 win against the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers improved their record to 7-0. This is the first time the Steelers have remained undefeated this far into a season since 1978. Pretty much every Steelers fan knows that the 1978 season was certainly one for the books. The 7-0 record at the time had led the Steelers to a third Super Bowl ring in five years and to the last hurrah of the 1970s dynasty of stars Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, head coach Chuck Noll, and the legendary Steel Curtain. The 2020 team has certainly earned the right to be compared to the 1978 superstars.

Not even one minute into the game, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson threw a pick-six to Steelers linebacker Robert Spillane on only his second pass attempt. This was Jackson’s third interception of the season and the first interception of Spillane’s NFL career. Joining the Steelers in 2019, Spillane is a valuable asset to the Steelers defense. This intense start to the game certainly rallied all of the Steelers fans.

As the game continued, the Ravens offense was overpowering the Steelers defense. These moments had the fans of Steeler Nation questioning whether or not their team was strong enough to maintain this undefeated streak. With the Ravens picking up 17 points in the first half and the Steelers only 7, the fandom was beginning to lose faith in their black and yellow stars.

Thankfully for the Steelers, their offense rocketed in the second half. Scoring three touchdowns compared to the Ravens one touchdown, the Steelers came back after half-time with a fighting spirit. The Steelers offense was undoubtedly carried by their powerhouse defense, but they were able to get the job done as a team.

“Nothing about this game was pretty from an offensive perspective until we looked at the scoreboard,” quarterback Ben Roethlisberger told CBS, giving credit to his strong defense.

Additionally, linebacker TJ Watt was full of postgame enthusiasm.

“We’re happy to win,” Watt said. “We don’t care if it’s good, bad, or ugly, as long as it’s a win right now.”

If the Steelers keep this streak alive, there is no doubt that they will end up in the playoffs, if not the Super Bowl, to earn their 7th ring.