Left Twix v.s. Right Twix: The Difference Revealed

Left Twix vs Right Twix: Which is better? Or are they exactly the same?

Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

Left Twix vs Right Twix: Which is better? Or are they exactly the same?

Christopher Digricoli, Staff Writer

Halloween has come and gone, yet children have pillowcases filled with candies like Kit Kats, Hershey bars, Reese’s Pieces, you name it. Another popular candy is Twix, the cookie bar, topped with caramel and an outer shell of milk chocolate. According to SpoonUniversity.com, Twix is ranked No. four on the top twenty candy bars. Introduced in 1967, Twix is easily a fan favorite and since has been enjoyed by people of all ages for over fifty years.

Over those five decades, the company of Twix instilled in everyone’s head that there are two Twix Bars: a Left Twix and a Right Twix. Their commercials flood viewers’ televisions each year especially when Halloween rolls around. 

Twix was first invented in 1967 by Mars Limited, in the United Kingdom and thrived under the name “Raider.” It was not until 1979 when the name switched to Twix and made its way overseas to America where the slogan “Chocolate, Caramel, and a Surprising Cookie Crunch” was created. It is never specifically stated when Left and Right Twix came about, but Twix.com says that Left and Right Twix were always produced, but recently have been advertised more.

As the commercials state, “Left Twix flowed caramel on a cookie while Right Twix cascaded caramel on a cookie. Left Twix bathed in chocolate while Right Twix cloaked in chocolate. Both bars are as different as the vastly different men who created them.” Now just by watching the commercial, both bars seem to be made and processed the same way. The way they “flowed” or “cascaded” the caramel onto the cookie bar seemed to be the same. But there is only one way to find out the difference, try both, and compare.

Just from observations, Right Twix seems to have more width than Left Twix. I broke each bar in half and immediately noticed a difference. Left Twix had less stretch in the caramel than the Right Twix. Right Twix also seemed to have a thicker coating of caramel, this could be the difference between the caramel flowing or cascading onto the cookie.

I tried to further dissect the top of the bar by removing the chocolate, but to no surprise was not really successful due to the caramel and chocolate meshing together. I did notice, however, when sifting through the top, the Right Twix again had a slightly thinner blanket of caramel. Both cookies appeared to be similar so all that was left was the taste test. The taste test proved uninformative, both bars tasted the same except for the fact that Left Twix had a better stretch on the caramel than the Right Twix surprisingly.

To conclude this study, I regret to inform you that there is no difference between the Left Twix bar and the Right Twix bar. Each starts with a cookie bar topped with a layer of caramel, covered in a thick coating of milk chocolate. Twix most likely created this rivalry strictly for business purposes just like their competitors Mike and Ike did when Mike separated from Ike for a short period of time and brought despair, sadness, and a bit of confusion to the world of candy.