Little Mix releases new album “Confetti”


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Little Mix’s sixth studio album released on November 6th

Ava Curtis, Staff Writer

Confetti is the sixth studio album by British girl group Little Mix. The album was released on November 6, 2020, by RCA Records. The album had three singles released beforehand called “Break Up Song”, “Holiday” and “Sweet Melody”.

Although the album may seem like a breakup record, it is actually about the group’s departure from Simon Cowell’s Syco Music after signing with RCA Records. They did not hesitate to rat out their previous record label for the horrible treatment with the lyrics  “For all the times they screwed us over,” on their lead the single “Break Up Song”. This album leaves the audience to only assume that this “breakup” album is more about liberation and freedom than anything else, both the literal and figurative throwing of confetti.

Overall the album stayed mostly consistent with their previous music. It includes very upbeat rhythms and relies on more techno sounds instead of using real instruments. All the songs stayed along the same theme of upbeat pop, they did not stray or branch out from the brand they built themselves. 

Although the sound production of the music screams bubblegum glitter pop and is like a throwback to the early 2000s music, the lyrics have seemed to mature with their newfound freedom. The contrast between these two aspects of their music actually works for them and their aesthetic. This album almost created their own genre of power-pop, with strong messages but still a lighthearted tune. 

The group has had very popular singles that have topped the charts in previous years, however as a whole, this album is their best work to date. If you are into upbeat, electronic pop music with a catchy melody, I would suggest this album, but if you prefer to stay away from that genre, this album is definitely not for you.