Thanksgiving 2020: What to be Thankful For


Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

American families get ready for another Thanksgiving.

Nora Ferro, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is here whether we believe it or not, and after this long, strenuous year, many are left wondering what we’re supposed to be thankful for at this year’s thanksgiving dinner. With the coronavirus taking over the majority of this last year, there has been so much loss throughout America and the rest of the world. Families and friends have lost loved ones to the virus, students lost valuable school memories and learning opportunities because of quarantine, and the country has suffered tremendously, both economically and emotionally. Despite everything, families are trying to make this holiday season a positive time, while also a safe one. 

This Thanksgiving, I want to remind others to be grateful for what we did have this year. The family unit reached a new level this year as each household was quarantined inside together for several months, and friendships managed to grow even from a distance. For those who did not lose anyone to the virus, that in itself is something to be thankful for because many people lost someone they didn’t expect to this year. Even those who did suffer a physical loss can be grateful for the memories with that individual, or for those who still remain around them. 

Other valuable assets to be grateful for this year can include the annual answers like having food on one’s plate, a roof over their head, and people to love, no matter what their relationship is. For me, I am most thankful for my family and friends, along with my teachers who had a rough year with us doing online schooling. Overall, I am still happy that I have the opportunities I do, even though this year was an extremely difficult one for all. 

I hope that even in a time like this, everyone can find something in their life that they can be thankful for during this holiday season; something that makes them happy.