Reselling is the New Wave for Entrepreneurs


by Nick Holt

Along with Supreme and Off-White, Golf Wang is also a brand that has held a decently high resell value in the past.

Nick Holt, Editor-in-Chief

Released in 1985, the Jordan 1 became the first original Jordan shoe, presented by Nike, selling at just $65 a pair.  For years to come, more shoes were released, becoming more and more of a hot commodity from the public, and still are.  Though, the sneaker business is dominated by hustlers, people trying to make a dime or two, there are people who have made a legitimate living off of these shoes: Resellers.

The reselling business has been around for much longer than just the past couple years, it’s been alive and well through sites like Ebay and Facebook, though now it’s blowing up like never before.    It’s insane how much value a pair of shoes made by Nike can be.  Most impressively, a collaboration from Off White and Jordan, reselling for north of $4,000-5000, the Mens Off-White x Air Jordan 1 retailed at $190, making you a profit of thousands of dollars.

Brands such as Off-White and Supreme have mostly dominated as the top two premier reselling clothing brands, with resellers making the websites go out of stock within seconds of drops.  It’s amazing what people will pay for a logo on a regular Hanes shirt.

And it’s not just sneakers and clothes, sports cards, Pokemon cards, makeup kits, gaming systems, etc, can all hold value for double, triple of the retail price.  Sports cards are probably the most complicated, as it’s almost like stocks, you invest in players and bank on a breakout, or a good game, while other items, such as sneakers and electronics, have a known reselling point because of the limited stock and high demand.  Surely, some buys are safer the others, but the higher the risk you take, the higher the reward.

Just recently, the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X hit the scene, with an instant resell price, with people on Ebay selling pre-order slots for $1000.

Though, reselling isn’t 100% seen as a good thing.  For the common consumer, resellers make buying a limited item almost impossible.  A good majority of hardcore resellers have bots that can literally buy the item for them as soon as it releases, which becomes a struggle for those who don’t have the privilege of having that technology, but indeed a good investment.  A bot isn’t required, it’s still extremely possible to acquire a hot item without having the technology, but it does make your life easier, though, for a decent price.

It’s a crazy thing, reselling, it can be dirty, and buying can cause some frustration when you’re unable to secure something you want.  Though it’s a cool business, it can make you some serious money, and is surely on the rise.  Reselling could potentially be a full-time job if the success continues to trend in an upwards direction.