Nurse Jennifer Amponin is the Service Professional of the Year


Lexi Nielsen

Nurse Jennifer Amponin was recently named the school’s Service Professional of the Year.

Kate Shanahan, Sports/Op Ed Editor

On Dec. 10 the Service Professional of the Year was announced to HHS faculty and students. Amidst a time where it only seems bad news has been given, it was about time the students and staff of HHS had something to celebrate.

Given the circumstances of attending school in a pandemic, the nursing and health care staff has been especially critical this school year. From tending to students with medical needs to addressing Coronavirus specific issues, the nurses this year have been especially busy. So it seemed it was only fitting when Jennifer Amponin, school nurse, was announced as HHS’s Service Professional of the Year.

Contact tracing alone can be a tedious job, but Amponin has gone above and beyond by dealing with new responsibilities as well as keeping up with her previous ones. Being able to alleviate stress and anxiety for parents and students during these trying times by providing up to date information has also been a new responsibility for Amponin.

“Whether Mrs. Amponin is training faculty for medical emergencies, tending to sick students and staff, contact tracing, collaborating with our other district nurses, reviewing sports physicals, or providing information to students during events like school wellness week, Mrs. Amponin always goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care and knowledge” secretary Renee Mayo said.

During a pandemic, it is crucial for Amponin to make choices regarding the welfare of the student body and faculty, and she selflessly puts others’ health before her own every day. However, even before the pandemic struck, Amponin has always been there for HHS students in their times of need. Whether it was tending to an upset stomach, or assisting students with underlying medical conditions, Nurse Amponin has always been there to save the day.

“It is a pleasure to work with Mrs. Amponin on a daily basis, and I am so happy that such a deserving person received the Service Professional of the Year Award,” Mayo said.