Art teacher Lynn Mound is the 2020-21 Teacher of the Year


Sean Levonaitis

Art teacher Lynn Mound doing what she does best, guiding a student to success.

Sean Levonaitis, News Editor

The educational system at HHS is considered one of the top in the state due to its astonishing teachers. Each teacher approaches his or her students in different ways which allows every teacher to be original in her own way. Although there are many gifted teachers working for Raider nation, one particular individual separated herself and received one of the highest honors. Art teacher Lynn Mound was voted teacher of the year for her excellence in the education field for the academic year 2020-21.

Mound teaches many art courses, one being the AP Art course, which only a select few are able to experience if they are lucky enough to be accepted and receive such an honor. Mound is described as hard-working, flexible, dedicated, and creative, among her Art Department colleagues. She is always the first one in the building early in the morning and the last to leave at the end of day.

A fellow teacher in the art department Michael Bober spoke very highly of Mound. “I have always admired her dedication to the department,” Bober said. “She doesn’t only care about her own classes; she also cares about the quality of instruction in all of the art classes and inspires the rest of us to up our game.”

Not only is Mound an excellent teacher, but a phenomenal person as well. Many of her colleagues said how she is a pleasure being around and how she balances the perfect combination of gravity and levity. Another difficult trait Mound has made look simple is being able to transition from instructing AP art students to novices in the arts. Being flexible with students is one of the most important qualities a teacher can obtain and utilize. Mound sets the tone for the art department and inspires all of them to be better at what they do.

“She cares A LOT about what she does,” art teacher Veronique Contrino Said. “For as long as I have worked here, Mrs. Mound has always been the matriarch of our department and rightfully so. She is always improving her lessons and doing everything she can to help her students excel in the arts. “