The Life of a Jets Fan: Endless Pain


Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

Sam Darnold, quarterback for the New York Jets.

Nick Holt, Editor-in-Chief

Last Sunday, the New York Jets faced the Los Angeles Rams, a game with a spread of about 17.5 points in favor of the 9-4, Super Bowl contending Rams.  So how, may you ask, could the 0-13 New York Jets win this football game.  It shouldn’t have been close, Vegas didn’t think it would be, sports analysts said blow out.  The Jets are 3 losses away from getting the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck or John Elway, they’re not going to win the game, right?

Well, it’s the New York Jets everybody, and in case you didn’t know, they are a dumpster fire of a franchise.  I consider myself a pretty “die-hard” fan, but I’m not going to sugar coat what’s actually going on with this joke of a football team.  But anyway, I’ll start from square one, January 11, 2019, you can go back much further, surely, but in most recent history, January 11, 2019, is the beginning of the downfall of the New York Jets.

You may have guessed it, head coach, Adam Gase was hired on that date.  Peyton Manning’s personal recommendation to the Jets, calling Gase, “A good fit,” for the young quarterback Sam Darnold.  Gase had spent 3 years with the division rival Miami Dolphins, going an extremely mediocre 23-25 with the team.  It wasn’t a sexy hire, but he was supposedly an offensive genius who could bring in a change of identity for the Jets who have so long been a defense-first team.

Well, in his first year as the New York Football Jets head coach, the team finished with a 7-9 season, and will all things considered, it really wasn’t a bad season.  Quarterback Sam Darnold got mono half way through the season, leaving the team without a starting quarterback for several games, proving the season to be a wash, and overall the situation just perfectly describes the franchise as a whole.

But hey, Adam Gase doesn’t sound too bad after one year does he?  It’s not his fault Darnold got mono and ruined the season, he coached a solid season, and more to come, right? Well, let’s fast forward to Sunday, December 20, 2020, where the New York Jets are winless in this late season. Gase is about 95% out the door, Darnold as well, along with the entire coaching staff and most of the roster.  0-13 vs 9-4.  The Rams, led by Aaron Donald and Head Coach Sean McVay, a legit Super Bowl team, lose to this pathetic football team, moving the Jets to 1-13 on the season.

Now let me tell you how detrimental one singular win is to this franchise.

With one win over the Los Angeles Rams, the Trevor Lawerence Sweepstakes officially moves to Jacksonville, Florida, where fans rejoice, as their Jaguars get the new second coming of God on a football field.  It’s a win that could potentially set the team back 10-15 years, it’s unfathomable how the New York Jets messed this up.  They can’t even lose correctly.  Three games, that’s all they had to do.  Bench Darnold, bench Becton, bench Mims, sit everyone that has a drop of talent, DO NOT MESS THIS UP.  Well, they did.  They messed it up.  No Trevor Lawerence, a stupid win in late December, when nothing matters potentially messes up the entire future of the team.  I just don’t know how you let that happen.  It’s like the Owners and higher ups don’t care, actually, let me correct myself, I know they don’t care.  This is literally the biggest mistake in franchise history and every fan has the right to be beyond furious with the team. Absolute joke.

The only day that will be worse than January 11, 2019, and December 20, 2020, is April 29, 2021, when Trevor Lawerence is standing next to Roger Goodell, holding up a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey.  While he will have a smile ear to ear, I will be sobbing in the corner, as the Jets select Zach Wilson out of BYU, tipping the domino of another downhill spiral of this sorry franchise.