“Because Mom Said So” is a Podcast for all Walks of Life

New episodes of

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New episodes of “Because Mom Said So” air every Thursday.

Nora Ferro, Staff Writer

“Because Mom Said So” is a new podcast on Spotify, Apple music, and several other streaming services. The series’ first episode dropped in early October, with old and young fans eager to listen. This podcasts centers on the lives of Melissa Gisoni, Holly Hatcher-Frazier, Jill Vertes and Kelly Hyland, the original moms from the hit TV show Dance Moms on Lifetime which aired for eight seasons. In their weekly 45 minute episodes, these moms discuss various topics ranging from entertainment, motherhood, and current events.

Because today’s teenagers grew up watching these ladies on Dance Moms, this podcast can be enjoyed by young teens all the way up to adult moms and more. Their relatable stories, loud laughs, and fun topics make this podcast a great past time full of nostalgic moments for previous Dance Moms‘ viewers, as well as a learning experience for young moms who need advice.

The group’s most recent topics included Photoshop in social media, Gender Reveal Parties, and Binge-watching. They frequently touch upon the value of self-care and feminism in today’s society, as all four of them have daughters entering the adult world. Along with their comedic comebacks and quick witted remarks, they are able to discuss important topics and get their points across while also showing respect for all, even when discussing controversial topics like the current election and their own views.

As moms, they have strong opinions, similar to how viewers remember from the reality show several years ago. So they have no problem giving honest and informational reviews about parenting companies, apps, learning methods, etc. In addition, they share their own “mom brags” that they are proud of, and listeners get the chance to learn more about their favorite dancers’ current lives from a different perspective.

After nearly early five years since their faces aired on national television, these moms are back and better than ever, ready to reconnect with their old fans and make new ones in additional age groups. Hopefully these episodes are just the beginning for this hilarious and fun podcast.