Senior Jordan Nussbaum is January’s Raider of the Month


Photo courtesy of Nick McGovern

Senior Jordan Nussbaum (left) is accompanied by Nick McGovern (middle) and his twin brother Ryan (right) as they end another game of their senior season.

Caitlyn Kowalski, Features Editor

Jordan Nussbaum, Hillsborough High School senior, has been deemed the January Raider of the month! This award goes out to one student in each grade who has shown a positive character, inspiring attitude, and strong work ethic in and out of school. Nussbaum certainly had no problem meeting these criteria. With the constant upkeep of his academics, dedication to varsity football and volleyball, no one should even question why Nussbaum was recognized with this award.

From facing extreme hardships due to coronavirus and other world events, to adapting to his virtual senior year, Nussbaum was able to stay strong with a great support system. Along with his brother and friends, Nussbaum was deeply supported by his parents and would not have been as successful in high school without them.

“I would say my family has been super influential throughout my high school years,” Nussbaum said. “My parents were there for me at every turn; I always remembered their lessons, and I always wanted to be the best version of myself for them.”

Nussbaum was able to achieve more than he had expected throughout high school.

“I definitely impressed myself both academically and athletically and I reached heights that I didn’t necessarily expect from myself,” he said.

Specifically, he noted how he was able to do well in classes he never thought he would take and he received his varsity football letter in his sophomore year which he stated, “was way earlier than I ever expected.”

Not only was Nussbaum humbled by this award, he was honored that his teachers thought he was deserving of it.

“I definitely didn’t expect to win it mainly because I felt like there were so many people I would’ve given it to if I had the chance,” Nussbaum said.

In the future, Nussbaum hopes to attend a local, 4-year university and take his inspiring attitude, influential work ethic, and strong character with him wherever life’s journey may take him