Senior Rocco George Stays Focused After Record Breaking Year


Alex Cervantes

Rocco George’s new song “Clouds” dropped at midnight on Jan. 29.

Ava Curtis, Staff Writer

Over the year 2020, Rocco Geoge has become a local household name and in this new year, his brand is only getting bigger.

George is currently a senior at Hillsborough High School and during his time here he has managed to create a successful clothing line, release songs on all music platforms, and become a famous creator on the social media app, TikTok. He was drawn to music at an early age through karaoke and his Filipino culture, and he first started releasing music on SoundCloud after watching his older brother do the same.

His journey dates back to the eighth grade when he first pressed record. His original music fell under the genres of hip-hop and rap, however as he matured, so did his sound. His current music includes lofi elements and has more sweet melodic aspects to it. George draws inspiration from artists such as Clairo, Dominic Fike, and Rex Orange County.

On Spotify alone, his statistics have grown dramatically. Over this year he has had over 117.2k streams, 43.6k listeners, and his music has been streamed in 87 countries. George released 5 songs during 2020, with hits like “Soda”, “Runner Boy”, and his newest release “Unreciprocated Love”. He also dropped an EP that includes 6 songs, under the name “Romeo”.

During 2020 he also accumulated a following of over 200k on TikTok. On the app, he is able to make short, quick videos which give him an outlet for his creative yet laid-back side. However TikTok is not just all fun and no work, with this extra platform, he has been able to use it to promote his own business and music as well as gain inspiration from other creators. His brand Atlantic has been able to expand from town-wide sales to nationwide with the help of his new fans. Atlantic has been in business since 2019 and been releasing new sweatshirts and apparel ever since. His newest collection was released on December 20, 2020.

Despite his crazy life, George has still been able to keep up with his social life and even a part-time job at a local business. Ultimately, he aspires to create music on a bigger scale and pursue his dream of becoming a serious artist. Albeit, he still plans to go to college and get a degree. Wherever life takes him with his ambitious nature, he plans to “only shoot for the stars.”