Hillsborough Hockey’s Finest: Paul Fedora


photo taken by Magdalena Lewicki

Junior Paul Fedora on the attack for Hillsborough.

Nick Holt, Editor-in-Chief

It seems like every year your Hillsborough Raiders dominate the ice.  Always a namesake in the Skyland Cup, Boro finished last season 15-10-2, a positive campaign for the boys who were coming off the loss of multiple key players.  Now, with even more obstacles than graduating seniors, some players will have to step up in order to repeat their glory.

Junior Paul Fedora is one of those guys.

Since his freshman year, Fedora has been an instant impact for a winning program.  Sophomore year, Fedora put in 11 goals with 14 assists, an impressive line for an underclassman with a lot of weight on his shoulders.  This year, the pressure builds for Fedora. A big junior season for a potential college athlete, Fedora must continue his success on the ice for the sake of his team, and himself.  Though, it runs even deeper for Fedora.

Fedora started playing Hockey at around 5-years old, and has loved it ever since.  He started off with skating classes and then moved into mite hockey for the Bridgewater Bears.  The rest is history.

His biggest goal this season is prioritizing his team and winning over his personal accomplishments.

“My goals for this high school season revolve around the, team over me, mindset,” Fedora said. “My main goal is to be a role model for the younger guys. Being an upperclassmen, it’s important for me to set the tone and show the younger guys how to act and what high school hockey is all about, along with having fun. I’m shooting for captain next season so this is the first step. A personal goal of mine is to reach at least 10 points for the season, a consistent goal I’m trying to keep for every season.”

Expect Fedora to smash these goals this season, a kid who truly has his mind set for a big year.

Fedora also touched on modeling his game after some of those in the NHL: with his alliance falling with the Washington Capitals.

“My biggest role models in the game are definitely TJ Oshie and Tom Wilson,” Fedora said. “Both playing for the Washington Capitals, Wilson is the team goon. He throws the big hits, he likes to get dirty in front of the net, and isn’t afraid to fight for his team when he needs to. I like to model my game after Wilson in the aspect that I’ll do anything for my team and get physical when I need to be. As for Oshie, I like to imitate his drive and passion for the game, playing his hardest no matter what the circumstances.”

Fedora is surely one to put his life on the line for his teammates, as seen in his goals for the season, a true leader.

Outside of the game, his biggest interests lie in baseball, video games, and his family and friends.  Though, Fedora  mentioned always working on his game in the offseason, simply said, he cannot stay away from the game.

A big year is on the horizon for Fedora this season. Look for him to take a lead role on and off the ice for your Hillsborough Raiders.