Elective Choices Aplenty


Nora Ferro

History teacher Patricia Yale teaches HHS elective, “Genocide and Holocaust.”

Nora Ferro and Ava Curtis

Hillsborough High School has a large variety of electives, with several being unknown to the student body. For example, not many students know about the Genocide & Holocaust course, School Newspaper, or others such as Fashion Design and Law.

History teacher Patricia Yale currently teaches Genocide and Holocaust, which is a junior/senior half-year elective. The material covered in this semester-long class varies in time period and topic. Ranging from various historical genocides around the globe, like the Irish Famine and Rwanda Genocide, to the basics of race, culture, and humanity, this class has so much to offer. For many students, WWII is a major topic of interest in history class, so for those who want to learn more, this course is a great opportunity to learn about the Holocaust more in depth. It also opens the conversation to different types of genocide, as often people assume it is just killing large groups of people, however, it also can be culturally related. For example, Native Americans were considered genocide because although there weren’t mass killings, they were stripped from their customs and culture. Although one might be wary to choose this course because of the dark topics discussed in class, it is not something anyone should be worried about. The course helps students understand the hardships people have gone through and makes them appreciate their rights and freedoms. The course is definitely an eye-opener to what people went through and the extent to how badly they were and are still being treated.

Newspaper is another option, where the class environment is laid back and students are encouraged to learn about current events and write their own articles. Individuals can write whatever type of information they like, whether that be world or school news, sports events, or reviews on TV shows and music. Students also practice editing skills and listening to others in order to produce the best material. English teacher Shawn Layton makes the perfect setting for questions and being curious about writing new topics.

Fashion Design, an elective taught by Nicole Calafiore, is also a fun art class under the career category, in which students learn sewing skills like how to fix buttons, add zippers to fabric, and produce a wearable skirt. To add, this class is the perfect opportunity to use one’s imagination and practice drawing skills through the application of their own creative ideas and styles. For anyone interested in fashion and the history of it, this class is the best choice.

Law is an elective taught by Kevin Carty, where the students learn about types of law and even participate in a mock trial. This class is challenging and the teacher is extremely easygoing. During the class, students will be taught different matters within the subject and occasionally write a current event article or present a group project. The class lasts one semester and is predominantly taken by juniors and seniors. If you are even a little interested in law or looking to take a low-stress class, law is definitely the class you should look into.