John Krasinski hosts “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend

Actress Carey Mulligans episode of SNL aired on April 10 with musical guest Kid Cudi.

Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

Actress Carey Mulligan’s episode of SNL aired on April 10 with musical guest Kid Cudi.

Lexi Nielsen and Sean Levonaitis

On Jan. 30, actor John Krasinski hosted NBC’s hit show Saturday Night Live with musical guest Machine Gun Kelly. The episode included a plethora of sketches and digital shorts about politics, the pandemic, and of course, The Office.

Everyone who knows Krasinski, knows you can’t talk about him without talking The Office. So it was no surprise when Krasinski’s monologue was centered around the show. The wildly popular and hilarious TV show featured Krasinski as a man named Jim who eventually marries his co-worker, Pam. During his opening monoluge, Krasinski was repeatedly interrupted by SNL cast members pretending to be audience members calling Krasinski Jim, and asking for Pam. After the “audience members” repeatedly told Krasinski to kiss Pam who was not present as she is a fictional character, SNL cast member, Pete Davidson, walked on stage pretending to be Pam. Davidson proceeded to lay a kiss on Krasinski to give the audience what they wanted: a kiss between Jim and Pam.

Following Krasinski’s monolgue were hilarious sketches and digital shorts. In one sketch, Krasinski and company were watching the superbowl on TV when they are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Throughout the game, the F.B.I. continues to ring the door bell arresting each person one at a time for different crimes. At the end of the sketch, Krasinski is arrested alongside cast member Cecily Strong for having stole, items from the capital building when it was invaded on Jan. 6.

For everyone who watches SNL every week, it’s known that the best part of the show is always the Weekend Update. Cast members and head-writers Colin Jost and Michael Che, host this segment of the show alternating telling hilarious jokes and bringing out guests for mini skits. Unfortunately, when speaking about president Joe Biden’s reversal of the Trump Administration’s ban on transgender people openly serving in the military, Che made a joke that offended people of the Transgender community. Despite Che not making a comment about the backlash he received, many people have mad their varying opinions known about the situation on social media, saying they either don’t care, or found it really hurtful.

Despite the slight drama surrounding the episode, musical guest Machine Gun Kelly lit up the SNL stage performing his songs “My Ex’s Best Friend”, and “Lonely”. The singer performed great and entertained the audience with his upbeat performances. Despite falling off the stage at the end of the show alongside Pete Davidson, Machine Gun Kelly’s SNL experience was very successful.

Despite the episode having some controversy, Krasinski’s natural sense of humor and Machine Gun Kelly’s talent made the episode worth the watch.