Brent Faiyaz Releases New Single Featuring Tyler the Creator


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Faiyaz and Tyler the Creator release their first music of the year with “Gravity.”

Nick Holt, Editor-in-Chief

Released on Jan. 29, “Gravity,” hit all streaming services across the globe.  The first music of 2021 for both Brent Faiyaz, Tyler the Creator, and DJ Dahi starts with a hit.

A light-hearted, upbeat song about love and family, this tune emphasizes the importance of having someone always there for you, which is even more important these days.

In an interview with Vogue, Faiyaz elaborated on the meaning of the song.

“The track is about a woman holding you down through all [the ups and downs]… The song has an outer space energy that makes you feel like everything and anything is possible,” Faiyaz said.

Faiyaz’s and Tyler’s vocals work extremely well together on the record, with Faiyaz’s’s style being a bit softer and melodic and Tyler’s voice providing a much deeper, aggressive pitch change, which also is the highlight of the song.  Tyler’s feature is very put together and has some smooth lines, such as:

“Yeah, see, I’m a star, look at me from afar. Hard to be down to Earth, when you nestin’ on Mars. You comet on how I move, too much space to assume.”

Tyler has a clever way of using words and metaphors to tell a story, and his verse on “Gravity,” is a masterclass.

Though, the only credit shouldn’t go to Brent and Tyler.  This is only DJ Dahi’s second song on streaming services, and obviously, it’s pretty successful.  Originating from Inglewood, California, DJ Dahi is one to keep an eye on in the music world.

In my opinion, I would rate this song a 5/5.  It’s an awesome way to kick off 2021, a new year that has some potential for great music. Faiyaz had a great 2020 and is now looking to repeat in 2021 with the rumored release of his new album,”Make It Out Alive.” Be on the look out for the come up of more new music from Faiyaz, Tyler the Creator, and DJ Dahi.